onfectionery industry in India had been facing a tough time in procuring the right type of packaging media for their twistwrap application due to shortage of wood based pulp and films even at higher cost. There had been sustained effort in the field of research and development by our technocrats to develop PVC films for use in confectionary wrapping application. Our people with deep insight into the characteristic behavior of rigid PVC Film have successfully mitigated this problem in this particular slot of application.

Constant R&D work, keeping in view strictest specifications of consumers has lead to innovation of non-toxic PVC Films in 1990. Since than confectionery industry across the globe accepted our PVC films as viable economic replacement to expensive packaging media like cellophane and other twistable films. We manufacturer about 450 Metric Tons of Twist Wrap PVC Films per month.

We are exporting our PVC Films to many leading confectioners and converters in European Countries; USA; Middle East; Far East; Asian Countries; CIS Countries; African Countries and other regions around the Globe.

The characteristics of our food grade, non toxic Twist Wrap PVC Films:

Static Free: Generally all polymers exhibit surface static charge phenomenon during any conversion process and PVC has the maximum effect. Our PVC Films are devoid of this static behavior and so are proficient to run at high speeds without generating static charge.

Twist Retention:  Excellent even on machines operated at high speed of 2300 candies per minute. The original twist is retained throughout from product wrapping to rough movements in transit to retail outlet.

Cold Twist: NO HOT AIR or any other heating arrangement required for twisting. It is a Cold Twist Film which saves on cost for heating and cooling energy.

Strength: High tensile and tear strength to withstand toughest handling on any twist wrap machines. 

High Speed Machine-ability: Can twist up to 2300 pieces per minute.

Cost Effective: Most inexpensive compared to cellophane & other twistable films and has an highest aesthetic appeal. Can effortlessly replace Cellophane and yet much economical.

Printability: Easy to print on Gravure and Flexo Machines without any surface treatment. [but for   better ink adhesion just only on aluminum Metallised PVC , we recommend to use ink suitable primer coat before printing.]

Non-Toxic; Food Grade:   - Certified as Food Grade by CFTRI, Mysore, INDIA under Global Migration / BIS Standards; and by Belgium Packaging Institute under European Norms

Thickness: 20 to 35 Microns or any other required thickness on request. Width: Up to 1200 mm.

Printed PVC Films: Multi-color printing facility is available as per customer demand.

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